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website development

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So you've done your SEM effectively and gained traffic on your website, but is that enough? Your website is the face the company puts out for the consumers to see. It should be engaging, attractive and user friendly to not only gain a brand following but to keep potential customers interested and eventually buy something.

Our team has a combined experience of many years in web development and can develop a site that not only highlights your company's story and brand individuality but also keeps the traffic flowing smoothly with emphasis on retaining customers for the long run.

How we do it:

  • Secure domain names
  • Review websites of competitors
  • Consolidate on information to be shared online
  • Design a website outline
  • Develop content with an SEO focus
  • Create attractive graphics and design brand logo
  • Easy navigation and user friendly interface

Brand building

The internet is known as the super information highway where there is a lot of information that literally zooms by the users eye and only a few things stand out. Fidorm aims to make your website just that. A great company logo and website will stay in the memory of the potential customer long after they have logged off.

Trust building

Marketing tactics are a great way to get your foot in the door but to build brand loyalty the website must be engaging and helpful. We assist in gaining the customers trust as well as information to help you pursue a conversation with potential customers and discover more about their needs.

Accurate information

There is nothing worse than a website that does not deliver. Many companies have lost potential customers because their website wasn't easy to navigate and the required information wasn't easily available. We develop websites that are user friendly, compatible with both desktop and mobile viewing.

digital marketing company

Search Engine Optimization

We ensure when your client searches the web they only find you as a viable option.

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ppc management company

PPC Management

Fidorm helps you save on marketing costs with effective PPC management.

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email marketing

Email Marketing

We spearhead affective email marketing campaigns to retain personal connectivity and increase your consumer base.

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social media consultant

Social Media Marketing

Fidorm can show you the ropes to social media marketing and how to make the latest trend work for you.

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lead generation services

Lead Generation

We do more than just creating a buzz, we fill up your sales pipeline.

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