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Gain exponentially more

Pay per click marketing yields one of the highest returns on investment of any form of digital marketing if managed properly. Research shows that the ROI from AdWords is multiple times stronger than other online advertising and marketing channels.

We have helped our customers increase their revenues and expand their customer-base by up to 40% by utilizing pay per click campaigns alone.

How we do it:

  • Review existing PPC strategy
  • Optimize existing ads
  • Set up new PPC campaigns
  • Monitor and track conversion
  • Generating landing pages to create conversations
  • SEO focused campaigns and content
  • Generating instant targeted traffic

Ultimate exposure

Search Engines are a great tool for advertising. Google AdWords and Yahoo Advertising offer the perfect platform to connect consumers and companies. We make sure that your company has the ultimate exposure and takes the most advantage of this platform.

The first choice

Search Engine Marketing is competitive. We make sure that your company has one of the first few positions in the advertised links to get more bang for your buck.

High ad rank

Google AdWords chooses who gets the top position on their search pages by two methods: CPC Bid and the High Quality Score. Fidorm helps in increasing your Ad Rank and maintaining it against your competition so you get top spot in every search.

Your brand everywhere

Fidorm specializes in more than SEM and PPC marketing. Gain extra exposure on blogs, websites and social media platforms with Fidorm's specially designed, eye-catching ads that make an impression. The idea is to be seen by as many people as you can to create leads that can eventually be turned into customers.

digital marketing specialist

Search Engine Optimization

We ensure when your client searches the web they only find you as a viable option.

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email marketing services

Email Marketing

We spearhead affective email marketing campaigns to retain personal connectivity and increase your consumer base.

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social media advertising

Social Media Marketing

Fidorm can show you the ropes to social media marketing and how to make the latest trend work for you.

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lead nurturing

Lead Generation

We do more than just creating a buzz, we fill up your sales pipeline.

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website development

Web Design/Development

Create an eye catching user friendly web space for your company.

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