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Being social has its dividends

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Don’t follow; be the trend

Expand your horizon. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the faucets of your Social Media presence. We know social media marketing inside-out and we do it every day for hundreds of clients.

Giving your business the recognition it deserves is our NUMBER ONE priority. It’s not about the amount of content on your page, but the amount of buzz it creates or in other words the number of “Likes”, “Re-tweets” and “Shares” it gets on the top Social Media channels.

Customers’ voices have to be heard and having strong Social Media presence is the key to start listening. That’s where we come in

Here is how we do it:

  • Identifying business goals and target audience
  • Researching competition
  • Choosing channels and tactics
  • Building a content strategy
  • Assigning budgets and resources
  • Re-advertising to website visitors
  • Monitoring and reporting

We listen to your customers

Listening to your customers is actually more important than talking. We do that by understanding your target audience, becoming a part of online discussion boards and learning what’s important for them to then show them your ‘value proposition’.

Quality of your social circle

A large network alone is not good enough if your connections don’t read, share or talk about your content. We focus on the crowd that listens to your words and will not disappear after the first connection.

A two-way dialogue

Our industry-savvy marketers acknowledge and respond to incoming requests, queries and messages to keep your audiences engaged and satisfied with little to no lag.

Sharing is caring

To make sure that others will share your posts. We post and share top quality content published by others to make sure you get the same treatment from them

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Search Engine Optimization

We ensure when your client searches the web they only find you as a viable option.

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PPC Management

Fidorm helps you save on marketing costs with effective PPC management.

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Email Marketing

We spearhead affective email marketing campaigns to retain personal connectivity and increase your consumer base.

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Lead Generation

We do more than just creating a buzz, we fill up your sales pipeline.

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Web Design/Development

Create an eye catching user friendly web space for your company.

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